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Top 10 killer Facebook Tricks that you should know 2018

Facebook is no 1 social media website. And its user are increasing apace therefore here we tend to share the foremost searched Facebook tips and tricks .therefore should use these best facebook tips and tricks 2017 to vary the method exploitation facebook.
Top 10 killer Facebook Tricks that you should know 2018

1.Make your status blue.

Using this code, you can build your status Blue.
@@[1:[0:1: your status update goes here ]]
Just replace “your status update goes here”

so should use this best facebook tips and tricks 2017 to alter the method victimisation facebook and be a professional facebook users.

2. Confuse Your Friends

Put this URL http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363 on Facebook status or Comment,
this is often really link to ones Facebook Profile therefore whenever somebody can click on this link, he/she can get redirected to own’s Facebook profile.
I used this trick like:“This guys is my supporter at Facebook http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363”
So all of your Facebook Friends can assume that they're your best friends.

3. Schedule any post

This trick is incredibly necessary for net marketers, Bloggers, on-line companies etc. you'll Schedule Future Post for any status Update on you Facebook Profile also as Fanpages by using dlvr.it for FREE.so should use this best facebook tips and tricks 2017 for always active on facebook.Top 10 killer Facebook Tricks that you should know 2018

4. Start Multi-Posting on Facebook in all groups

Just download cyberlikes and revel in multi group posting.Dont use it over one times during a day else your account could also be block.so should use this best facebook tips and tricks 2017 to post in multi groups once at a time. it'll additionally assist you to extend web site traffic.

5.Post Blank Status

Just type @[0:0: ] in status box and hit Enter and its done.

6. Stop Facebook Auto Play Videos

Facebook automatically plays video on the iPhone, iPad, android . you'll be able to flip this off or at least choose the choices you wish in order that you don’t use data.

On the web go to Settings -> Videos -> Auto-play Videos – > Off.
On iPhone go to Settings -> Videos & Photos -> Auto-play -> never Play Videos automatically.
On android go to Settings -> App Settings – > Video Auto-play -> Off.
If you prefer, you'll be able to choose to only use WLAN on iPhone or android in order that you don’t use your cellular data to load them.

7.Auto like and auto comments at facebook

You need to Goto Way2Likes for this purpose and just follow their instructions.

8. Stop tagging at facebook

As mentioned earlier, there's no way to stop any of your friends from tagging you on Facebook, however you'll decide however the tagged photos and videos can seem on your Facebook Timeline.
To manage this, move to your Facebook Privacy Setting menu from the highest right corner of your Facebook page.

Privacy Settings

In the Privacy Settings page, scroll all the way down to the Timeline and Tagging section and click on on Edit Settings.

Timeline and Tagging:

A popup window can seem, click on the Review posts friends tag you section.

Review Tag:

Click the drop-down menu to pick Enabled After choosing this feature, each picture or video you're tagged in are going to be hold up for your review and approval before it gets posted on your Timeline.

9. Accept all friends request at once.

If you have a lot of pending friends request.its very difficult to accept all one by one .In this case visit sexyliker.com and follow their instruction.
Top 10 killer Facebook Tricks that you should know 2018

10. Invite all facebook friends to like your page at once.

You can invite all your facebook friends at once with the help of chrome extension .Download this extension and invite all your friends at once to make your facebook page famous.

So these are our best facebook tips and tricks 2017.that you should know.


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