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5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

World that's filled with the handsome looking actors and celebrities however you can even find the dashing faces in the sports world as well. Around the world, people have their own favourite sports, and they all have their own favourite sports stars.Just because these athletes are good in sports, wealthy and are very handsome.Inside the world of tennis, football and cricket There are so many handsome sportsmen in the world who have made their special place in the hearts of millions of women.They are talented and rich, and dashing. I have the list of Top Most Handsome Sportsmen.Here we will see some of Top 10 Most handsome sportsmen around the globe 2017.

5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

5.Christiano Ronaldo

Mr. Ronaldo, who plays for Real Madrid and Portugal’s national team, Cristiano Ronaldo is greatest player of this generation in the world.He is one of the most expensive players in the world. He is extremely popular for his appearance.With his Classic hairstyle and dressing style; he never stops making his fans go crazy over him..His social media following is the proof of it. 109 million people followed him on facebook while 40 million followers on twitter makes him the most followed sportsman in the world.

5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

4.Rafael nadal

Rafael Nadal was born on 3rd June 1986, in Spain.He is also known by the nick name “The King of Clay”. He is one of the richest tennis players in the world. . He looks very nice and has nice charm on his face. Rafael Nadal is one of the great players in tennis around the world.He is a handsome person, with very decent style.He has achieved fourteen grand slam singles titles, a record twenty seven atp world Tour Masters a thousand wins, a record fifteen atp World Tour five hundred wins, and also the 2008 Olympic gold medal.
5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

3. J. J Redick

J.J. Redick was born on 24th June 1984, in United States. He is a basketball player.He is currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association.He has a very nice personality.He has the record of most points in ACC tournaments in his career.He is also famous celebrity on social media.He has bagged the style award for most stylish sportsperson in the world.
5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

2.Virat Kohli

The current Indian Test captain is one of the hottest cricketers around the world.Virat is the most dashing guy from Indian Cricket team and is the handsome cricketer around the glob. Virat Kohli also one of the most attractive cricketers around and is known to be a popular figure among girls.He is best known for his consistency, Fitness, handling with pressure situation and strong stamina.He is at top in the ranking of All formats of cricket.He is the 2nd in our list.5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

1.Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom” Afridi might just be the hottest ever cricketer Pakistan has seen.He has been a match winning player for the national cricket team of Pakistan and has been famous for his aggressive batting styles.He is equally loved from fans all over the world. He also holds the record for most number of sixes hit in ODI cricket.He also plays in different leagues across the world.
He is the captain of Peshawar Zalmi in PSL.He remained the captain of Pakistani ODI and T20 team for a long time.Shahid Afridi is king in the list of Top Handsome sportsmen in the World 2017.
5 Most handsome sportsman in the world 2018

These Sportsmen have better social media standing and Regarded one of the best celebrities of all time.

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