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How to get famous on YouTube | Grow your Channel fast in 2018

Let’s face it. Creating videos for YouTube can be a lot of fun. It’s a simple and easy way to broadcast yourself to millions of people all over the world. But getting those millions of views isn’t always so simple.Nobody gets famous over night.Even if you have an awesome viral video,it could take up to a week.

How to Become Famous on YouTube.

How to get famous on YouTube by creating a popular YouTube channel with great videos.A lot of hard work goes into becoming a YouTube star,and this guide will hopefully help you.
Here are some simple ideas to help make your channel become famous on YouTube.
How to get famous on YouTube 2018

Make Quality Videos

Depending on how high you really want to go depends on how much money,time and effort goes into making YouTube videos.The best way to have good video quality is to use a decent video camera.The more you put into your videos the more likely views.

Create Original Content

How to become youtube famous? It’s all about the content.Shoot that type of videos that users would love to watch, share, upvote, comment on and add to watch lists.Being original is not as hard as it sounds. It just means delivering video content that you find interesting.
  1. Do you have an opinion? Share it! Do you speak another language? Use it!
  2. Do you like to dance, sing, or dress in costumes and tell jokes? Show it!
  3. Do you enjoy celebrity news? Spread it!
  4. Are you an expert at juggling, magic tricks or applying makeup? Prove it!
A mistake a lot of new YouTubers make is trying to create videos based on what they think will quickly become popular. Creating a great YouTube video takes time. If you want to commit to really being popular, it isn’t going to happen by investing only a few minutes per day or an hour each week.Creating something brand new that the world hasn’t seen before is far more likely to go viral than something that has already been done a thousand times before.

Use Video Editing Programs

Use Movie Maker or another type of video editing software to boost the quality of your videos and make them a lot more interesting to watch.Another important factor to consider is the video formats you’ll be shooting in. This is very important because not all raw footage work with every program. Therefore, look at the software programs formatting capabilities.Sony Vegas Pro is a REALLY good Video editor.Although,an experienced Windows Movie Maker user could easily do the same.As long as your video looks good to you is all that matters. If you're unsure,ask a friend if your editing looks good,or maybe even a random stranger.

Get your tags and descriptions right

This is the boring part that can determine a good deal of your success. Your tags should be accurately added to videos so you’re categorized properly. To create a popular youtube channel use tags. Tags help your video rank better + get you to you show up more often as a related video.You can only rank so well for a finite number of searches, make sure you’re be found by the right people who are actually searching for you. Don’t tag yourself as a video game channel when you’re a cooking show – you won’t make any friends and you’ll be wasting your time.

Share On Social Media

Do you use Facebook,Twitter, or Tumblr?You can easily put yourself out there for your friends and total strangers on social media networks.Actively engage in social media to promote your YouTube channel. Facebook and Twitter are primary social networks you can use to let people in your circle know about your videos.Ask your fans questions, offer them to suggest you a new video idea, ask for feedback and reach out to other relevant communities on Facebook who might be interested in sharing your content.
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Another great tip of how to become famous on Youtube is to leave comments on the videos, upvote them and save to favorites. Unless you are targeting someone huge, chances are the YouTuber will return you the favor and check out your channel too.

20 Tips and Tricks for getting Famous on Youtube

  1. Be passionate about making content rather than trying to be successful.
  2. Figure out what will make your content different or better than other YouTubers.
  3. Don’t forget; YouTube is a community and you must give attention to other channels if you want to get attention on yours.
  4. One of the best way to grow your Youtube channel fast in 2018 is to Embed your YouTube videos on your website
  5. Make sure your videos are bright rather than dark, depressing and generally dreary.
  6. If there is a boring lull in your video, cut it. Don’t be boring; people have very short attention spans when it comes to viewing online content.
  7. When it comes down to it, most YouTubers are opinionated so have an opinion of your own.
  8. For videos with more of a personality, add some text or background music. Don’t use copyrighted music.
  9. Get a good video editing program and practice using it. Along those lines…
  10. Start by making shorter videos.
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  12. Put in the time to make high-quality content. The higher the quality of your content, the higher your view count will probably be.
  13. Build your momentum; get at least 10 good videos uploaded before you start promoting your channel.
  14. Use proper tags. Make sure they are specific and descriptive. Try to stand out by NOT using the same tags as everyone else.
  15. For easy hits, try doing an autotune version of a famous video.
  16. To get Famous on youtube and grow your youtube channel fast, Make sure your channel looks professional with an impressive background image and channel art.
  17. Be sure to include links to your other websites or social media accounts in your channel description.
  18. Never promote your videos by spamming YouTubers you don’t already have a relationship with; people hate that.
  19. If you’re nervous about talking into a camera, it might help to think of it as someone you know like a friend or relative.
  20. Make sure your video thumbnails are very, very interesting; they are a big reason why people decide to watch—or not watch—videos.
  21. Collaborate with successful YouTubers but DON’T approach them without an AWESOME idea.
So These are all the best and easy ways to become youtube star and grow your youtube channel like a rocket in this year 2018.

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